My Independent film maker World!
Welcome to Circle Image Productions, I am an indie film dude who is producing and directing completely outside of the major film studio system,furthermore in addition to being producer/ director, I distribute my films and projects through independent sources. Independent distributors are obviously more appropriate for small low-budget films than a major studio because the distributor having fewer pictures to release and will give it more consideration because of the marketing know-how for a specialty films, such as mime.
Furthermore,Circle Image projects are distinguishable by their content and style and the way in which my personal artistic vision is projected and usually, but not always, my independent films are made with considerably lower or no budgets than major studio movies.
If you want to see my past film project movie, please click my movie poster, or if you want to be assocated with myy next production then click the camera image, Circle Image is looking for individuals for its next project,ie. producers,executives,pa's,musicians, actors, writers and prodcution crew. and finally, you can contact me at or click the contact us image.
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